Our Product Experts Share Their Sub-Zero and Wolf Wish Lists

December 23, 2013

If your holiday wish list included a kitchen remodel, which appliances would you ask for? We posed the question to some of our showroom managers – the ones who work with our products every day – “Which three Sub-Zero or Wolf products would you buy if you could buy any of them?” The answers are in, and some clear favorites have emerged: 

Pamela Dahms, Scottsdale, Ariz.

  1. “I’d buy the Wolf convection steam oven because of its versatility. Bake breads, steam fish and veggies, use the convection alone or in combination with steam, the possibilities are endless. The Wolf Gourmet mode thinks for you, making it so easy and effortless to use. You can also use the steam oven as a warming drawer and cleanup is a breeze.”
  2. “The Wolf dual fuel range has the best of both worlds: gas burners and electric convection oven. I’m a baker so being able to use the convection setting and bake multiple racks at the same time, and having them all turn out perfectly is amazing. Plus having so many different modes – such as Bake Stone, Proof and Dehydration, to name a few – lets you utilize your oven for more than just the standard baking and roasting.”
  3. “I love the Sub-Zero integrated tall units because they blend right in to your cabinetry. I also love the storage capacity of this unit. The new tall models now come with the air purification, internal water dispenser, spill proof shelves, and updated controls, all which are great additions to this already wonderful refrigerator!”

Darlene Macrina, Denver

  1. Wolf convection steam oven: “This appliance knocks it out of the park for cooking! An entire meal can be prepared at the same time in this oven. Salmon, perfect every time, along with vegetables. Couldn’t be any easier. Add a salad and dinner is ready in less than half an hour!  I particularly love the reheat and keep warm features of this oven. Thanksgiving leftovers tasted and looked just like Thanksgiving the day before. No more fast food take out dinners. Love, love, love this oven!”
  2. Wolf dual fuel range (with griddle): “I recommend the double griddle. It’s like using a 22” sauté pan but better because I can control the cooking temperature. A lower cooking temperature on one side for delicate vegetables such as asparagus and a higher temperature on the other side for potatoes, carrots, bacon or onions. But flexible enough that large quantities can be prepared such as stir fried rice for a dinner party. Cleanup is a dream — less than five minutes using the griddle cleaning kit. Doesn’t get any better than this.”
  3. Sub-Zero IT-36CI: “Form and function in refrigeration. This is a beautiful piece of equipment. It can disappear discretely into the kitchen design with cabinet panels to blend into the kitchen space. But open it up and the sexiest graduated lighting will grab your attention. Beautiful! And, oh my, I’m in heaven with the spill-proof shelving. No more spills running down the sides. All of this and my delicate herbs last so much longer than before. I literally have had carrots and oranges that lasted over a year! Did I mention that I have an ice cream cake, uncovered, in the freezer from the 4th of July. No freezer burn or ice crystals to be found. We are celebrating the New Year by enjoying this cake … six months in the freezer. WOW!!  Can’t wait for the internal dispenser model.”

Luis Cintron, Orlando

  1. “I’d buy the Wolf convection steam oven because of its vast functionality. One of its greatest benefits? Cooking with steam retains more nutrients.”
  2. “My second choice is the Wolf dual fuel range. You have more functionality because of the electric oven and 10 modes , powered by dual convection fans.”
  3. “The next one would be the Wolf microwave drawer. It’s a beautiful unit with traditional microwave functions.”
  4. “And the Sub-Zero PRO 48 with glass door. This needs no explanation. It’s a masterpiece!”

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